Siggiewi Scouts Group

Central District,Malta

-Welcome To The Siggiewi Scouts Group

Feel free to create an account, upload pictures, start discussions and check the calendar for scheduled events.Should you encounter any problems with the site or think that some information may be incorrect, by all means do not hesitate to contact an administrator via E-Mail or on Facebook

If you need help editing your profile then click Here for a detailed guide on the basics of profile editing.

Note to all : Future events and dates will be posted on this site.

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Extra activity sheet!

For a copy of the scouts activity sheet click Here, once the sheet has loaded, just right click it and press save as/save image as! 

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-Invite Group Members

Since this site is still new it will need all the members it can get so should you come across someone on facebook or on your daily activities that attends to scouts it would be greatly appreciated if you direct them here.

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