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Neville Micallef
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As some of you may know,a profile picture can be added so whenever you post something your picture will be seen. In this guide not only will we show you how to add a picture but how to change the general settings of your profile.


  1. Be sure you are logged on.
  2. On the bottom left corner of you page you will see a bos called members area.
  3. In this area you will see an option called "Edit Profile". Click It.


Once clicked a new page will load. First thing you will see on this page is a small box with name written beside it. Use this to fix any errors in you name. Do not use this to impersonate someone else as i will know since a log records all name changes.

Next is the profile picture, click on upload and choose a picture of your liking.

After you picture is done you will see two more boxes, one is called : Signature, this is a small text that will be automatically be posted at the end of a forum post. The other box called : Information is used for information about yourself that you wish to share with others.

Important : After you are done editing it is important that you press submit or nothing will be saved!!!

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